Features Of A Good Car Rental Firm

While you are abroad or traveling locally, one of the most convenient ways to travel is by renting a car. This gives you the chance to move around a particular area at your leisure. A variety of companies offer vehicles for hire in many countries all over the world. This serves to assure people that they can get a vehicle of their own wherever they go. When you want to rent a car, there are attributes that you look for in the operation of that car rental firm.

These Are Enumerated Below:

Customer Care

In the functioning of a car rental company, the owners of the company must ensure high-quality customer service. Incorporating this single factor in your operation will make sure that this particular firm stands out as a great car rental firm from the scores of others that operate in the city. The management and executive at the firm must be ready to go out of the way to ensure that their clients get the best deal and best vehicle for the trip they will be undertaking.

Transparent Billing System

While setting up a car rental company, you should ensure that your operation structures must possess a transparent billing system. The company or firm should be able to give a complete quote to the potential client right at the beginning with no hidden charges present. This way, the client can establish how much they will spend at the end of the trip. Be sure to provide to your customers a list of extra services that you provide and at what cost. This is meant to equip them with the full information on how much the services will cost.

Roadside Assistance

This is another feature that any good car rental service must be able to offer. Many mediocre operated firms charge a hefty fee for this. Structure your company operations in a way that you can provide this services on a 24/7 basis to your clients. You should be able to offer this in major town and airports alike at all times. This is an imperative situation when you are dealing with foreign clients who are flying in for example.

Operation Hours

You should be able to determine and communicate the working hours to your clients precisely; you should also be accommodative and flexible in setting the closing hours. This is especially important because customers don’t want to return the rental vehicle when you have closed the office.

Special Offers

Everyone loves bargains. This to a great number includes customers of rental car companies. Be that company that occasionally offers deals during certain periods of the year for example holidays.

Conduct Research

If you want to increase your level of income and competitiveness further, start observing what your competitors are doing. Visit them, ask questions, notice their customer service. Once you are through with this, you can note down their weak and strong points. Think of improving your level of operation based on the research you have conducted.
To do well and prosper in this business, ensure that you maintain the industry standards. You cannot afford to offer less. If you make a mistake of doing it, no customer will come to rent a car from you.

Places To Visit In Rwanda


When touring Africa, Rwanda is the place to go with a rising number of vacationists attracted by the pull of gorilla trekking. Try embarking on Rwanda safaris; it is a destination you will love to visit again given an opportunity. The country is majorly an agricultural country with women gathering tea on terraced hillsides, fishers in dug-out canoes and agriculturist tending their crops.

Also, they have cavernous blue lakes, misty forest with many wildlife you will love to see and sweeping Savannah and tropical. The following are the thing to expect when visiting this country.

Coastal Retreats

The perfect destination to visit is Lake Kivu which is the largest Africa’s deepest freshwater lakes. It is an excellentdcdhfbr place to complement Rwanda safaris as it has colorful resort towns, picturesque location, and sandy beaches. The popular activities along the lake are kayaking and windsurfing and also a spot for fishing for the ones who love fishing.

Kigali Chic

You should include Rwanda’s capital in your itinerary. It is a place you must visit when in Rwanda. In the city, you can sip your wine in the garden of Hotel des Milles Collines and remember to visit the Genocide Memorial Museum.

Cultural Heartbeat

You can get an opportunity to visit the lby’iwacu Cultural Centre of Rwanda to experience Rwandan rural culture through dancing, cooking, archery, walks, and crafts and also you should taste the banana brew and the favorite songs of gorillas.

Animal Parade

Rwanda safari begins in the Akagera National Park in the Eastern Province. It is an oasis for all the standard safaris where you can see lions, giraffes, crocodiles, buffalo, hippos, and elephants. Akagera is undergoing some transformation which will make it beat most of some well-known East Africa’s national parks.

Fantastic Flora And Fauna

There are luminous tea plantations, butterflies, birds, stunning waterfalls and buttresses that have been improved by Nyungwe National Park. This park also hosts beautiful orchid garden that has many varieties of these fragile beauties.

Monkey Business

defrfsRwanda is known for the Mountain Gorillas, and it is a top spot for other primates. Nyungwe Forest National Park is a home for some species which include Chimpanzees, Golden monkeys, Baboons and Black and white colobus monkey and much more.

Rwanda is also a place to visit for the adventurous seekers and active people. They can participate in mountain biking over many hills in Rwanda. You can try out the Congo-Nile Trail which covers a 230 kilometers area which you can see the active volcano Nyiragongo and the beautiful view of Congolese mountains.

How To Get Affordable Flights Tickets


In the early times traveling or holidays were for the rich people only. Though after the introduction of affordable tickets online, it’s not hard for anyone to travel as long as they save and book early. You can search for available cheap holiday packages which include travel ticket and grab them first. Below are some ways you can get discounted flight tickets online.

Book Flight Tickets Early

You are likely to get a discounted flight ticket if you buy your international travel ticket advance. Near the travel or departure time, the tickets are very expensive.

Seek For Affordable Flight Ticketsvfntj

You can look for your tickets online with utilizing a search engine. Just go for the search engines that are used for searching tickets directly. You do not have to look on different airlines companies as you can search using your budget on different sites. Select high-quality search engines for the available top deals.

Do Not Purchase On High Seasons

Do not buy your tickets on weekends, Mondays or Fridays because flights are always expensive on those days. Get your tickets like from Tuesday to Thursday as they are likely to be cheaper. It is important to check for flight offers for both international and domestic flights. You can get offers at any time as airlines lines tend to compete, so they offer winning tickets at times. Sometimes there flight offers which only last for few hours, so it is important to check regularly.

Avoid buying your tickets during high season for tourists, school holidays and holidays generally as they are expensive to get. It is advisable to plan your travel to fall under the off season time as you are likely to get good discounts for your air ticket.

Check For Promotions

Always you can check on the different airlines to see if they have travel promotions, they are regularly advertised on the web page carrier sides. Do not assume the advertisements on the page sides of these sites.

Direct Flights

dhbvhgtConsider a flight breaks when you want to purchase a discounted flight tickets. It is an applicable rule for the international or long distance travel. However, it doesn’t imply flights with stops are cheap. You can get the stops are for long time or sometimes overnight which means you have to spend on hiring a hotel room to spend the night while waiting for the next flight.

However, it doesn’t mean low-cost airlines are regularly cheap. Just make sure you also find out the cost of to and from your destination from the airport. So add all the cost to the plan ticket to know the totals.